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Lmfao 3 years ago
Imagine thinking this is good sex. The girls are so so bored of him, and he is way too pushy. He chokes one girl and she literally pushes his hand away, I'd not be surprised to find out that was NEVER discussed ahead of time. God damn. He has not one but two beautiful girls and he disappoints them both, sad. Those perfect pussies are wasted on him, and they clearly don't want to just munch rug all day either. Over all, very bad porn.
Ew bro 3 years ago
My dude made the brunette lick between his toes. That's kinda grody
Grabage 3 years ago
Would have been a way better show if he had just sat in the corner quietly and had a wank. Instead he barks orders at them "girls get undressed" and the proceeds to toss and twist them around micro managing everything to the script of spit , lick it up, pound, spit , gargle repeat.
Amy 3 years ago
Dude does too many drugs and the sex gets repulsive when the babes aren’t into it
4 years ago
Gawd damn he is destroying these pussys
Cooter 3 years ago
This guy is a pig. Those girls should slap the shit out of him. Then pin him down and toot on his face.
Suzi 3 years ago
Those girls were not having fun
3 years ago
Who`s the brunnette?
Marco artista 9 months ago
Daedae 4 years ago
God that dude is lucky, I came so many times....he's huge she got punihsed